Contoh Teks Bahasa Inggris Tentang Recycling

Recycling is a way to help people for the garbage problems. Every year Indonesia produces at least million ton garbage. The garbage is sent to landfills, where most of them pollute the land and air. As a result of recycling, garbage that would have been thrown away are reused instead in new products.

What Gets Recycled
There are many things that can be recycled including organic and inorganic garbage. Some crafts can be made from inorganic garbage such as glass, bottles, paper, magazines, and plastics. Inorganic garbage also can be helpful for people. Composting is a good example in recycling. It involves saving certain food wastes and mixing them with leaves and grass. This process will create a nutrient-rich mixture that can be useful for gardening. Even water also can be recycled. It must be purified and cleaned at a waste-water treatment plant before it is reused.

Types of recycling.
There two types of recycling. They are internal and external. An example of internal recycling is the reusing of waste products from manufacturing within the same factory. For example, when copper tubing is being made, the ends of tubes are trimmed. These copper ends will be melted down and used to make new tubing.
In external recycling, people can collect recyclable materials. Recyclables will be brought to recycling facilities, where it will be cleaned, sorted, and prepared to be sold. Then the industries buy the material and use it to make new products.

The Importance of Recycling
The governments and group of people that try to protect the environment must encourage people to recycle. They have to give a perception that recycling is important for their life. It can reduces pollution of air, land, and water. So, people will realize and try to recycle the thrown away materials.
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